Virginia + Will


Alanna went so far above and beyond — she was there with us far more than just the day of, she answered every single question with a smile, thought of things we hadn’t even considered, and took on every last detail. We literally cannot imagine having our day without her, she is hands down the best money you can spend on your wedding. We worked with her for bartending as well, and it was flawless – we got so many compliments from our guests on the bartender, as well as on Alanna’s making everything go so smoothly while staying in the background.

A few of my favorite moments from working with Alanna that encapsulate her:

When discussing what to do for the seating chart, she told me “come up with anything you want, show me a picture, and I’ll make it happen, nothing is too complicated”

She offered up several of her own accessories to make the day special and save us some money, from table numbers to seating chart framework.

On the day of, after we had dinner we asked her to save the leftovers in case we were hungry later, and she replied, “don’t worry, I already put tacos and cookies in your hotel room in case you want them when you get home”

Besides all of this, she is an absolutely wonderful human and delightful to work with. She treats you like you’re her only wedding even though she is oh so busy, and truly makes your weekend feel special and stress-free. This is the best money you can spend on your wedding!!!!

– Virginia (bride)