Sheree + Eric

Simply Sweet Weddings is simply the best!

Best investment I made for my wedding! Alanna was the best!

She faced many obstacles, including rain, a not so great DJ, and my rowdy bunch of friends and family. All with a smile on her face and professionalism!

I would highly recommend her for your wedding.

I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy myself without her services. My wedding turned out to be the best day ever!!!

– Sheree (bride)

Taylor + Jake

The PERFECT Wedding Coordinator and Now Lifelong Friend!

Alanna is one of the sweetest, most generous people that I’ve been lucky enough to meet. How wonderful it is that my getting married and desperately needing the perfect wedding coordinator brought her to me!

I truly believe that the only reason I was able to breathe on my wedding day and enjoy all of the beautiful moments of my most special day is Alanna.

I don’t know what I would have done without her. The cherry on top is that our working together has blossomed into a beautiful friendship.

Love you forever! THANK YOU!

– Taylor (bride)

Whitney + Brent

Hiring Alanna was the best decision we made after getting married!

Hiring Alanna was hands down the best decision we made throughout the entire wedding planning experience! I truly feel like we could have not done it without her.

Weddings are an emotional experience no matter how you do it, and having Alanna on our side made us feel like we could handle anything!

My new hubby and I aren’t big planners, so wedding planning felt pretty daunting to us. After our initial meet up with Alanna, she made us feel so comfortable and confident in where we were in the process, showed support and encouragement, and gave us suggestions and advice when needed, but made us feel like we were on the right track no matter what.

We found Alanna kind of late in the game because we were working with another coordinator (a friend of a friend from out of town) whose travel arrangements fell through. We weren’t even going to use a day-of coordinator, but now I seriously don’t think our wedding would have come together in the same way without Alanna! She was a pleasure to work with throughout the planning stages, made herself so available to us, and put us at ease at a time that was so full of emotion, stress and anxiety.

On my wedding day, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Alanna was calm, collected and in control no matter what came her way. Even our friends and family complimented how incredible she was! She directed our family and wedding party with where to be and when so they didn’t have to stress about anything, helped alleviate a situation with a crazy cousin, and solved any oversight on our part with such grace and ease.

Furthermore, because we met up a few times before the wedding, having her there on the day of our wedding, felt like having a friend there with us.

If you are planning a wedding and reading this review, you would be crazy to not hire Alanna! My husband and I think so highly of her that we told her we will be references for her for life, so if you want to chat more about how amazing she is, feel free to reach out to us! We have already recommended her to some friends who are engaged, and will continue to do so!

I cannot say enough nice things about how professional, supportive and amazing Alanna is!

– Whitney (bride)

Maggie + Chris

Alanna created the wedding of my dreams!

The best decision I made when wedding planning was to hire Simply Sweet Weddings.

I booked the last two months and day-of wedding planning package. From the moment I booked, Alanna was in touch asking me about my vision for the day. I sent her the contracts I had already booked and she reached out to the vendors to confirm arrival times and day-of details.

Alanna met with me three months out and we talked for hours about all the details and what I wanted to see on my wedding day. A week out we met at the reception site and she took detailed notes about what I envisioned and three days before the wedding we met one more time to ensure all the stress was off my plate. I never once doubted Alanna and her attention to detail. She took notes throughout the entire process so that each time we met or emailed she remembered exactly what we last discussed. She was always available through phone and email.

On the day of the wedding she kept the flow and made my vision come to life more than I could ever imagine. She assisted with my needs during the wedding but also assisted my bridal party and guests’ needs. So many of my guests stopped to tell me how amazing she was!

I not only consider Alanna a life saver and amazing planner but also a friend. Do not pass her up and book her for you big day!

– Maggie (bride)

Natalie + Jake

Alanna is amazing!

Alanna was hands down the best wedding coordinator a couple could ask for! She made the wedding process so easy and made our wedding day go so smoothly. She’s super attentive, caring, and honestly so down to earth that she made me feel like we had known each other for years.

The timeline she created for our wedding day really helped me understand our day so much better. It was also so nice to have someone take over communication with my vendors. You don’t really realize how much you have to communicate with your vendors until your 30 days out.

I would highly recommend Alanna to anyone. She’s so amazing!

– Natalie (bride)

Bailey + Josh


I seriously cannot adore this woman more. She’s so amazing at what she does not only as a coordinator but as a support system. She made me feel like this was OUR wedding and that she was going to make sure everything was perfect. And it was!

Alanna is incredible at what she does, I can not recommend her enough! She made my planning process so much easier and less stressful. Alanna made sure my day was 100% perfect and let us enjoy our day with our any worries. My husband and I could not be more thankful for her.

– Bailey (bride)

Sam + Dan

Alanna and her team far exceeded our expectations!

We could not have asked for a better wedding coordinator! From day one, Alanna from Simply Sweet Weddings added a positive and bright energy to the wedding planning details! She asked me questions I hadn’t thought to consider, and she was endlessly patient as I took time to make decisions. She never added any pressure to planning decisions, and she made herself available as a soundboard whenever I needed someone’s advice.

Then, wedding day arrives. The weather is 60 degrees (unheard of for May in Texas), and a forecast of thunderstorms. Alanna and her team were AMAZING with watching the weather and moving our ceremony outdoors at the last minute when the skies cleared.

ALL of our guests complimented the friendly, cordial service, and impeccable timeline implemented by none other than Alanna. Needless to say, she far exceeded our expectations, and my new husband and I cannot sing her praises enough.

If you are in the market for a day-of-coordinator, I highly recommend Alanna from Simply Sweet Weddings. You cannot put a price on not worrying about the small details on your wedding day. Knowing Alanna was there to gather gifts/personal decorations/etc. allowed me and the groom to enjoy our day completely. We made so many great memories, and that’s in no small part due to Alanna.

– Sam (bride)

Mackenzie + Michael

Amazing planner!!

Alanna did an amazing job.

Not only did she make sure everything was in order the day of the wedding but she also met with us a few time before our big day. Those meeting were great and helped me plan & feel more confident about the whole day.

I can not thank her enough for all her help & her positive excited attitude through out the whole process.

Could not have done it without her.

– Mackenzie (bride)

Bonnie + Ian

Our wedding was a dream come true thanks to Alanna

If you are trying to plan a wedding without Alanna, you are really making things too hard for yourself. When I started planning, I didn’t think I needed a wedding planner or day-of coordinator. I thought I could do it all by myself. But as the big day got closer, so many little questions started to pile up, and I realized I needed a little help. That’s when I hired Alanna.

This was, hands down, the best and most important decision I made while planning my wedding. From day one, Alanna took care of everything. She met with us multiple times before the wedding, answering all our little questions and creating a day-of timeline that would ensure everything ran smoothly. She got in contact with all our vendors to confirm details and answer their questions, and she even hooked us up with a vendor we thought we would never be able to afford! She conducted our rehearsal dinner, and even brought our suitcases to our hotel for us.

Seriously, she does EVERYTHING.

On the day of the wedding, Alanna was in full power mode. She picked up coolers and ice, and even offered to deliver breakfast to my bridesmaids and I. She got the entire venue decorated exactly as I had envisioned. She greeted vendors and made sure everyone was in the right place at the right time. She cued the processional, set up all the tables for dinner, cut the cake, handed out tip money, and probably ten million other things that I don’t even know she did. Seriously, weeks after the wedding, I am still learning of little things that ALMOST went wrong at my wedding before Alanna saved the day. I wasn’t even aware of these things.

Because I hired Alanna, I was able to float through my wedding day blissfully happy and relaxed. Alanna’s top priority was making sure I was not stressed out. It wasn’t until later that I learned how many little details she had to take care of that day.

If you’re like me, and you’re thinking of doing everything by yourself, please stop and think about how many little issues will crop up on your wedding day. Do you want to be the one worrying about all of those? Or do you want to relax and enjoy the most beautiful day of your life while Alanna takes care of everything? Seriously, this woman does not charge enough and you should hire her before she becomes the most sought-after day-of coordinator in the country. She’s that good.

My wedding day is now the happiest memory of my life, and I know that’s because Alanna was there to make everything perfect.

– Bonnie (bride)

Victoria + Garrett

No need to look elsewhere – Hire Alanna!

We had the privilege of working with Alanna for our wedding and she exceeded every expectation we had. Not only was she incredibly receptive to every request we had, but she also went above and beyond to make sure we did not have to worry about anything.

She coordinated with all the vendors, put us in contact with some amazing people, and the day felt effortless. Not once was I ever worried or stressed about anything because I knew Alanna had it under control.

When I was originally looking for a wedding coordinator I was very worried I wouldn’t find someone whom I could put all my trust and confidence in, but upon meeting Alanna I knew she was the right person for the job. With the help of her and her amazing team, our wedding was the best day of our lives. We cannot thank her enough.

– Victoria (bride)