Karmy + Laurence

Simply Sweet Weddings – AMAZING!

Where to start! I am a very organized person overall, but Alanna takes organization to the next level!

I came across Simply Sweet Weddings online, and by just going through the website I felt such an amazing connection that when we met for the first time, I knew we would be hiring Alanna for our special day!

Alanna was very prepared with a lot of questions that I wouldn’t have imagined asking myself. She had so many ideas that made our wedding so special and unique! From the day we hired Alanna, we were very stress free!

She has such a positive attitude about EVERYTHING and that’s the kind of vibe you want during wedding planning. I was able to get a hold of Alanna pretty much any time of the day, she met with us right around home, and she led us to other great vendors!

Our wedding day was so seamless, you do not know how amazing it was for me to just show up ready, walk down the aisle and enjoy EVERY second of our wedding. Alanna’s heart is in this for the very perfect reason – to help others start the beginning of such an amazing journey the perfect way! She is gold!

– Karmy (bride)

Avery + David

Perfect Wedding

Alanna was so sweet through the entire process and made the wedding a breeze for us.

We got to actually enjoy our wedding which was very important for us.

– Avery (bride)

Sarah + David

So far above and beyond!

We had an amazing wedding it is mostly thanks to Alanna in Simply Sweet Weddings.

Sarah and I did not think we needed a day-of-coordinator. We were so wrong and so happy that we got linked up with Alanna. She treated us like a wedding planner, not just a day-of-coordinator and she almost quite literally threw us on her back and carried us to the finish line. We cannot thank her enough.

There are so many small details and vendors to coordinate with and Alanna took care of all of the communication. She sent constant reminders to keep us on track and she spoke to us like a friend. If there were any issues on our wedding day, Sarah and I were oblivious to it.

Alanna’s contacts in the industry were easy to work with and she even found additional server help last minute.

In addition to setting up and cleaning she was even willing to hold on to a garage full of decorations while we went on a month long honeymoon. We do not know how she does it all.

Whatever Alanna’s price is, double it, and it still does not begin to compensate her true value of service. It is weird to be so ecstatic about a day-of but if you go with Simply Sweet you will know exactly how we feel!

– Dave (groom)

Cari + Chris

Amazing and so much more!

This is such a hard review to write because I am not sure quite how to relay how amazing Alanna is in words. We went in search of a wedding coordinator simply to be our hands the day of, what we lucked into was SO much more!

My sister and I both have experience working in the wedding industry, so I figured I had this planning thing down. Fast forward a few months and I am overwhelmed with decision making and schedules and a million thoughts in my head.

Enter Alanna. Really, I should have called her sooner than I did. From our very first meeting, every time I spoke with Alanna she immediately put me at ease. Every time couldn’t keep my head straight Alanna would talk through all of my thoughts and give me guidance and direction or just tell me I really did have it all together and could let go a little. She asked questions about details I had forgotten or hadn’t even thought of. She told us honestly when she didn’t agree with ideas (like trying to call an Uber after the wedding or not have a bar during dinner). She recommended and booked vendors for us, negotiated extras with the vendors we had already booked, and those final days when I just couldn’t make another decision and needed ANYONE else to decide what shade of pink to use for the up-lighting, she saw my panic and made the decisions for me.

Our wedding day certainly didn’t not go off without a hitch, but every hitch that arose was immediately caught and resolved without any effort from me or my husband. At one point of panic where we thought we had an additional guest, we went to tell Alanna of the sudden change. She had already spoken to the caterers, rearranged the chairs, and had an extra table setting in place. She created and provided our seating chart, easels, reserved signs, and probably a dozen other little items that we didn’t have to go out and purchase just for one day. Through the entire day Alanna was always on the move and taking care of something, but every time I turned to look for her, she was right there where needed.

We actually received several compliments from friends and guests on how great our coordinator was (and I think was asked to join our family multiple times)! My only regrets are that I didn’t call Alanna sooner, loop her into the planning from the beginning, and had just one wedding for her to plan (but I am pre-booking her for my brother and future sister-in-law). Honestly, Thank you Alanna!

We had an amazing wedding day and the majority of that credit goes to you. You exceeded our expectations 1000 times over and we can not express how grateful we are. This industry and any future couple you work with is lucky to have you!

– Cari (bride)

Taylor + Evan

Smooth and easy!

Alanna and her team were awesome!!

Alanna made me feel calm and relaxed about everything prior to my wedding and then once the BIG DAY was here, I knew I had nothing to worry about! Her and her team made everything look beautiful and run smooth!! Then they wrapped up the night by making it look like nothing and no one was ever there!!!

We had everything brought to the venue in a trailer and they loaded that thing up so neat and organized which made the unloading so easy!!

Alanna was a sweet heart through the whole planning process and her team was sweet and made a point to introduce themselves day of the wedding and check to make sure we didn’t need anything!!

I would HIGHLY recommend Alanna and her team!!

– Taylor (bride)

Andrea + Jeremy

Alanna is amazing

I had no idea I needed her and I’m so happy we had her to plan our wedding. I was overwhelmed and indecisive about so much and she guided us through and made the planning pleasant.

She’s warm, organized, and such a joy. Everything ran smoothly and I was so happy with the end result.

– Andrea (bride)

Claire + Derek

Couldn’t do it without Alanna

Alanna was incredibly crucial to ensuring that our wedding went smoothly. We hired her for the “day-of” planning, but she began helping us out 90 days prior to the date which helped us stay on top of what was the largest priority and even made us realize we missed some small details that we would not have thought of on our own.

Even if you don’t think a planner is not necessary, which was our thoughts before hiring her, she might have been the best funds we spent to make sure the day went smooth like a dream. She even took care of picking up some of the equipment and delivering the alcohol to the venue so that we didn’t need to worry about it on the weekend of the wedding.


– Claire (bride)

Danie + Anthony

Truly incredible

We’ve been meaning to write a review for a while.

We got married on 8/18/19, and Alanna helped us so much throughout the process of figuring out our wedding timeline, to setting up, and making it all happen. She is incredibly gifted when it comes to coordinating weddings.

We are so thankful we found her! She truly was a tremendous help to us, and absolutely went above and beyond.

Thank you again for everything Alanna!

– Danie (bride)

Ahshanae + Clarence

Stress free!

If my husband & I could give Alanna 20 stars we would! She was amazing from beginning to end!

From me having to cancel my original plans & replanning my entire wedding in 2 weeks! I truly believe my wedding was stress free & perfect because of her! There was a lot that I didn’t know Or didn’t even think of when it came to wedding planning & she just took everything & handled it like the pro she is!

We’re so thankful for her expertise, we couldn’t have done it without her! If I could do it all over again I would & I would hire Alanna again with no hesitation!

DO NOT second guess booking her. you won’t regret it!

– Ahshanae (bride)

Esmeralda + Matt

Worth so much more

I cannot say enough good things about Alanna … She went above and beyond my expectations and was there to take care of anything I needed throughout my wedding day!

Seriously, she was amazing. She’s super professional but also super fun! You definitely won’t be disappointed!

– Esmeralda (bride)