Carolyn + Alex

Amazing Work – Amazing Team Player

Alanna was by far one of our biggest assets and best hire. She is an amazing coordinator and now a life long friend.

We hired Alanna two years ago and despite a long distance and a long time she didn’t miss a beat. She communicated with us over that span listening to our ideas and contributing her own. She always was enthusiastic, professional, and always had a smile.

On our day of the wedding she made sure to be available the moment we needed her. She has amazing ideas that you don’t think about; such as having us eat in private before everyone else. This allowed us to have some time to ourselves, eat our dinner but still have plenty of time to mingle when everyone else ate. With the parents and family she acted as that much needed barrier when they became demanding wanting to know times, and order of events, she took over and answered all their question, saving us another headache.

She was on point, and worked so hard on our big day it showed. She never flinched when we needed her, making sure things went smoothly, if there was a problem we had no idea because she took care of it. She’s worth it and amazing at her job. I can’t say enough how much value she is in a wedding. We, and our guests were so happy, and we are happy she got to be part of our big day.

– Alex (groom)