Harley + Johnathan

Alanna made our lives so easy! Hire her!

We’re finally settling in and we can’t stop raving about her. I hated the idea of a wedding and she gave us such an amazing day.

In all seriousness she should charge double. She didn’t just provide us a service, she provided us a friend and just an overall sense of calm. She is an amazing hype woman who was just 100% for us even when i wasn’t for the wedding. We can’t thank her enough for her support and kindness even when I was raging and just hating the industry. The last week was horrific and she just kept such a level head pushing us to the forefront of every issue so we had a good day. If anything went wrong on Saturday we had no idea.

My father in law saw her measuring out the distance between the cornhole boards to make sure it was regulation. We were kept on-time but never rushed. We haven’t heard a single complaint from anyone that went to the wedding. We have no clue who set up the tables or when the cake got there or when guests got seated. We weren’t hungry or thirsty and were just shuffling around enjoying each other and then it was over.

We have so much love for her. Thank you so so so much for a gift we can never repay and for giving us a day with memories I didn’t even know I wanted. She was one of the cheapest purchases of the wedding, and she made the entire thing run so much smoother and better. You will never regret hiring her, we guarantee it.

Thanks again Alanna! Love

– The Hubbards (bride + groom)