Karmy + Laurence

Simply Sweet Weddings – AMAZING!

Where to start! I am a very organized person overall, but Alanna takes organization to the next level!

I came across Simply Sweet Weddings online, and by just going through the website I felt such an amazing connection that when we met for the first time, I knew we would be hiring Alanna for our special day!

Alanna was very prepared with a lot of questions that I wouldn’t have imagined asking myself. She had so many ideas that made our wedding so special and unique! From the day we hired Alanna, we were very stress free!

She has such a positive attitude about EVERYTHING and that’s the kind of vibe you want during wedding planning. I was able to get a hold of Alanna pretty much any time of the day, she met with us right around home, and she led us to other great vendors!

Our wedding day was so seamless, you do not know how amazing it was for me to just show up ready, walk down the aisle and enjoy EVERY second of our wedding. Alanna’s heart is in this for the very perfect reason – to help others start the beginning of such an amazing journey the perfect way! She is gold!

– Karmy (bride)