Euginia + Glory

Extraordinary service. Goes the extra mile!

Wow, where do I start?!

Alanna exceeded expectations as my sister’s Wedding Coordinator. Throughout the entire process, she was positive, communicative and always offering help without being asked. Alanna took on many responsibilities that traditional Wedding Coordinators would never. Her husband even built a stage for my sister’s backdrop to stand on for her wedding ceremony.

Leading up to the wedding, Alanna had several calls with my sister (a few of those I got to sit in on). She was always very thorough in her questions and really took time to understand what both the bride and groom wanted. She was in all of the details down to which knife we’d use to cut the cake (which she offered to lend to us for free).

My sister’s wedding was untraditional in that it was an American “White” wedding and a traditional Nigerian wedding combined. The timeline had to be carefully put together so there would be enough time to fit everything in. Alanna put the timeline together and created a professional floorplan for us that we could share with other vendors to better plan the decor. Alanna managed vendor relationships four months prior to the wedding all the way up to the day of. On the day of the wedding, Alanna and her team arrived early to help unload the UHaul truck of loose items that we’d need to setup. Not only did they do that, her and her team also set up a lot of the decor that we purchased individually. To give you an idea, there was a complete UHaul plus two to three cars worth of decor that we personally bought. Alanna and her team took care of all of that even though she didn’t have to. They did a great job setting everything up to our expectations, even beyond that. Alanna made sure to keep time for the whole event, making sure we kept the flow of things going and nothing was missed. When the bride and groom needed anything, she was there to help. At one point, the bride needed Alanna to go get someone from the crowd who would be involved in the traditional wedding. Alanna did just that. She even made sure to pack the bride and groom’s dinner to make sure they had a chance to eat when they were changing into their traditional clothing.

The wedding ended at midnight and Alanna and her team stayed until past 2 am in the morning to make sure all decor we brought were packed and helped load things onto the truck and into people’s cars. She also made sure to round up the gifts and double check that nobody left anything. Alanna did everything that most Coordinators would never. She did it with a smile on her face, without being asked and without complaining. She was very enthusiastic prior to and on the day of the wedding (even when sometimes we might’ve asked for too much).

I can’t recommend Alanna enough. We’d use her 100x over if we could.

If you’re looking for a Wedding Coordinator, stop looking at other reviews thinking you’ll find someone better because you won’t. Trust me, we got more than our money’s worth and we are forever grateful. Alanna, thanks for everything you’ve done. Can’t wait to use you again for whoever’s next.

– Glory (sister of the bride / maid of honor)