Whitney + Brent

Hiring Alanna was the best decision we made after getting married!

Hiring Alanna was hands down the best decision we made throughout the entire wedding planning experience! I truly feel like we could have not done it without her.

Weddings are an emotional experience no matter how you do it, and having Alanna on our side made us feel like we could handle anything!

My new hubby and I aren’t big planners, so wedding planning felt pretty daunting to us. After our initial meet up with Alanna, she made us feel so comfortable and confident in where we were in the process, showed support and encouragement, and gave us suggestions and advice when needed, but made us feel like we were on the right track no matter what.

We found Alanna kind of late in the game because we were working with another coordinator (a friend of a friend from out of town) whose travel arrangements fell through. We weren’t even going to use a day-of coordinator, but now I seriously don’t think our wedding would have come together in the same way without Alanna! She was a pleasure to work with throughout the planning stages, made herself so available to us, and put us at ease at a time that was so full of emotion, stress and anxiety.

On my wedding day, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Alanna was calm, collected and in control no matter what came her way. Even our friends and family complimented how incredible she was! She directed our family and wedding party with where to be and when so they didn’t have to stress about anything, helped alleviate a situation with a crazy cousin, and solved any oversight on our part with such grace and ease.

Furthermore, because we met up a few times before the wedding, having her there on the day of our wedding, felt like having a friend there with us.

If you are planning a wedding and reading this review, you would be crazy to not hire Alanna! My husband and I think so highly of her that we told her we will be references for her for life, so if you want to chat more about how amazing she is, feel free to reach out to us! We have already recommended her to some friends who are engaged, and will continue to do so!

I cannot say enough nice things about how professional, supportive and amazing Alanna is!

– Whitney (bride)