Jessye + Tim

Hire This Woman

I can tell you right now that my wedding was everything and more because of Alanna. She took my vision and RAN with it, going above and beyond and doing more than expected of her. I had several people come up to me throughout my wedding day asking me who she was and if she did parties – one of my aunts from AZ wants her to help us with my grandmother’s 80th she’d fallen in love with her!

Truthfully, I think Alanna sells herself short. She’s worth so much more than I think she believes she is, and I really cannot thank her enough for everything she did for me. From 7am to 1am wedding day she was there for my family and me. She helped set up, clean up, and dealt with problems before I even knew they were problems! (And lemme tell you, we had problems like when all of my girls bouquets died overnight. We show up to the ceremony and Alanna sprang into action and fixed that real fast!)

She was a professional through and through. This woman even met with me on several occasions for a few hours at a time to talk through everything, contacted vendors when I didn’t have time, and worked out a timeline for day of. She is EXTREMELY organized and is always available to talk. I never waited to hear from her, never had to check in to see how an assignment was going, and never had to worry. She even came through on some last minute changes and wants (like helping me get a photo booth three days before the wedding).

I can’t say enough good things about Alanna. I was so impressed with her and envious, truthfully, of how organized she is. She’s such a delight to be around, too. Seriously. I could go on and on about this woman like how she handled a five minute meltdown of mine at the reception because I was tired of being in my shoes (so embarrassing and so stupid in retrospect), how she dealt with a photographer not showing up for me, how she and her assistant made sure I was eating and drinking water the entire day, how they made sure my family was comfortable, how they decorated the ceremony when I didn’t even plan on decorating, etc. etc.

You won’t be disappointed if you hire her. I swear. I don’t regret it for one single second and if I have any other parties, this is my go-to girl. In fact, my husband and I are ready to do vow-renewals just so we can hire her to help us plan that party and we’ve only been married for four days (hah!).

Sincerely, though, thank you, Alanna, for everything. March 2nd was absolutely perfect and beyond what I’d imagined it could be and let me tell you, it wouldn’t have been without you in our corner.

– Jessye (bride)