Dawn + Paul

You’ll Want Simply Sweet There on the Biggest Day of Your Life

Choosing my husband was the best decision involving my wedding, but choosing to work with Alanna at Simply Sweet Weddings was absolutely the next best decision I made.

Thinking we would get a truly “day-of” experience, Alanna surpassed our expectations 1000 times over. She treated me like I was a good friend having a wedding: meeting with us, trekking to our venue when my parents came into town, organizing our rehearsal, and often checking in with me via text and sharing encouraging words with me when times were stressful.

On the day of the wedding, I felt so confident knowing I had someone so organized and invested on my team. Things are bound to not quite go as planned, but Alanna and her team will make you feel prepared and comfortable improvising.

When I felt like my bouquet wasn’t quite right, Alanna stepped in to go find the extra blooms onsite I’d wanted to add and offered to pin them in. We’d hired two bartenders, one of which did not show up, and her assistant stepped in to help serve drinks all night!

My mom told me afterward that she got so nervous seeing Alanna come her way, thinking something had gone wrong, only to have Alanna come ask her how she was doing and if she needed anything–instantly making her calm and feel tended to.
When you meet Alanna you’ll get what I’m talking about–she’s caring, poised, organized, intelligent, friendly – someone you absolutely want at the helm of the biggest day of your life.

I cannot recommend her enough–we’ve recommended her to all of our closest friends getting married. I’m honestly wanting to host another big event just to have her there to make it amazing.

– Dawn (bride)