don’t fret the rain

rain on your wedding day

ugh. rain. just ugh. its your worst nightmare if you are planning a wedding … especially if you’re planning an outside ceremony or reception. and heaven forbid that Mother Nature be that cruel on the most important day of your life. if you have a good planner or coordinator, then you have your plan B ready to go, but let’s be honest, plan B is not plan A and not how you’ve envisioned your dream day to go down.

at least that’s how we’ve built it up in our minds.

so … let’s change that perspective. here are few reasons to not dread the rain, but rather embrace it and still have the most amazing day!

1. IT’S GOOD LUCK – a lot of other cultures view rain on your wedding day as good luck as it symbolizes cleansing, and new beginnings. think of the rain as Mother Nature giving you the ultimate blessing and enjoy it.

2. GORGEOUS PHOTOS – the way the flash captures the light reflecting off those little beads of water, gardens become vibrant and lush … plus there might be a rainbow. and photos with umbrellas and rain boots can be super cute.

3. RAIN IS ROMANTIC – grab your love, a blanket, and get cozy together! relax under the gazebo or awning and curl up, while you enjoy the sound of the rain as it comes down and bask in the fact that you just said i do to the love your life and your surrounded by the people you love the most.

4. IT MAKES ONE HECK OF A STORY – if it does end up raining, there is definitely going to be a story to tell. what kind of story it becomes, is totally up to you. embrace it, and you’ll still have that perfect story. so capture some rain in a jar and embrace it!

and remember why you’re getting married. it’s not because the sun is out, and its a pretty day. it’s because you’ve found your match, you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with them, and you want your friends and family to be part of it! don’t let the rain ruin it! tell yourself right now that rain on your wedding day is not the worst thing, and you will no longer fear it!


5 things i regretted on my wedding day

…don’t get me wrong, my wedding day was absolutely perfect! It was romantic, and magical, and the most incredible day of my life! I’m also lucky enough to say that nothing went wrong … except the sudden drop in temperature … but the night was over before I knew it and there are a few things that I wished I had done differently after it was all said and done.

1. not hiring a videographer

I didn’t think not having a videograpaher would be a big deal! I mean, we had an amazing photographer to capture all the special moments, but our ceremony was over too quickly, and I wish there was a way to watch everything I did not get to see. I’d give anything to have a permanent copy of me and my hubby promising our forever’s to one another. At the very least see if someone can snag a quick video on their phone, as long as they aren’t in the way of the photographer! This is something that I hear a lot from brides and is one of the most regretted things after a wedding!

2. leaving immediately after the reception was over

11 pm hit and it was time for us to make our grand exit! All of our friends and family lined up along the driveway of the venue and we ran through the human tunnel, jumped into our getaway car, and waved through the window as we drove away from everyone … and just like that it was over. I thought it would be romantic, and more in the moment, if me and my new hubby started our honeymoon right away, but looking back at it I wish we would have stayed to spend some more time with our friends and family. Plus, since we didn’t take the time to gather up our stuff, we made it to the hotel without our phones and wallets, and half of our overnight bags (another reason to hire Simply Sweet!).

3. not having a backup plan

I had initially asked my cousin to officiate our wedding, and at first they were excited about doing it, but then it wasn’t exciting anymore and they backed out with only 2 months to go. Which is completely understandable as they had never officiated a wedding before, but I hadn’t done any research to find an officiant and now had to scramble to find one. Having a backup plan would have removed so much stress at the last minute

4. hiring a friend to tend bar

Unless your friend works weddings, reconsider having them play a vendor role at your wedding. Working a wedding party is not the same as working just any party, no matter how awesome they may be at their specialty. Our friend is an awesome bartender. He’s personable, quick and efficient, and even flips the bottles while he’s making drinks, plus he was friends with a lot of our guests. And with having a full bar, it seemed like the perfect fit. Things started out just fine, but the demand was a lot to keep up with and things started to go downhill rather quickly and I wished I’d have hired someone more familiar with tending bar for a wedding.

5. nixing bridal portraits

I felt like a goddess on my wedding day and I wish I would have done a bridal photo shoot. Our venue for the ceremony and reception was absolutely gorgeous and there were so many pictures that I had planned to take on the day of once I was dressed, but everything became a whirlwind as soon as they had me laced up. We took our first contact shots, and before I knew it, I was lining up with my father, ready to walk down the aisle and there would be no more time for photos. With such a gorgeous dress, it’d be worth it to me now to have those photos

At the end of the day, the most important thing is promising forever to your best friend and sharing such an incredible moment with those you love the most. My wedding day was the most special day of my life, and not even this list kept it from being so. But take a note from my book and at least look into a videographer, you’re going to want to watch the ceremony … I promise!