i am in love with coordinating weddings. i love everything about it. the spreadsheets. the schedules. the details, and the fact that every wedding is unique and different. i never get tired of talking about centerpieces, color palettes, or song choices, and look forward to helping couples navigate their way through planning.

i will always encourage you to choose yourselves, and plan your wedding day the way you want it to be. there is no right or wrong way to have a wedding, and i am so in if you wanna do something that’s kinda weird, or totally traditional, or a bit both.

some facts about me … in case there is ever a quiz. just kidding. there won’t be a quiz 😉
i love glitter and sparkly things. Halloween is my favorite holiday. i’ve lost count how many times i’ve read Harry Potter (kind of obsessed). i watch horror movies while i build timelines, and Michael Myers is by far the best serial killer.

… and i can already tell you that your wedding day is going to be as important to me as mine was, because it is. you deserve to have an incredible day, and you shouldn’t have to do any work, your mom shouldn’t have to work, and your wedding party is going to be too busy taking care of you, so they don’t need to work, and i’m going to do whatever i can to make sure you enjoy your day.

talk soon!

ready to meet your girl?

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